Especias Crespí
We founded the company in 1945 began our activity, crossing the towns of Mallorca, with the sale of pepper and spices to prepare the spicy sausage, traditional Balearic sausage.

Paprika is one of the main ingredients of the spicy sausage, giving the characteristic red color, and conserving raw sausage.

We cover the entire production cycle:
- Own Seed.
- Plantations four-year rotation.
- Installations for drying and grinding.
- Agronomists supervise and validate all plantations.

Cultivation and production 100% organic using almond shells Mallorca as fuel for kilns.

For the best qualities that gives us the Pebre bord (paprika) is recommended for use during the first year of their establishment, as that is when most enhance their characteristics aroma and flavor, in addition to its color.